I have a problem between different browser.

I have a link that directs to a folder that is shared within a localhost server and it works find with internet explorer, but it doesnt work with chrome or mozilla.

<a href='\\Server\folder\'>Click Here</a>

That is a simple code I have set up. Its not supposed to direct to a weblink but a folder that is being shared.

In chrome, the link doesnt do anything when I click on it. In firefox, it just directs me to a website error. In internet explorer, it works.

How do I make it work for all browsers?

Thank you

Are you sure you didn't invert the slashes?

<a href="//Server/folder">Click Here</a>

Also, you should probably be using double-quotes instead of single-quotes.

its different because i'm not passing in an actual web link, its a directory path in a folder.

Also, I don't see why the quotes would matter?


Also, the double quotes are typically used for HTML and single quotes used for PHP when echoing (thus avoiding the hard-to-read backslash double-quote escape).

As for Firefox having problems, have you tried clearing your cache? Or maybe its IE than needs the cache clearing?

Hmmm, i used the single quotes cause it was in php i had an echo "<a href='...

I will try that solution when I'm in the office. But if my code works for IE, it should work for other browsers right? I need to access a folder with a ahref link.

What is the server type 'nix or windows. This makes all the difference. If I need to mount any of my CIFS(samba shares) I use \\\\sharename\\folder with no trailing backslash. For windows I use \\sharename\folder. I hope this helps.

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