I am trying to make a water seen with flash CS3. the idea is not waves. I would to make drips that drip into eachother and slash.

If anyone can help it would be gratefully appreciated.

A water scene with drips that drip into each other and splash eh?

Can you describe the scene in any more detail? it's a little vague at the moment!
Where are the drips coming from? Are they just dripping down off of something? Are they splashing into a pool of water? or are they rolling down something? (like raindrops rolling down a window)

Using AS3 you could easily create a simple particle system to deal with creating and animating the drips, but without knowing a bit more about how you want the scene to look and how you want the drips to interact with each other and the rest of the scene, I don't think anybody can be of much help!

Have you tried anything yet? Have you got anything that you can show us? What have you got so far? Need input! Heh heh.

Note: If you're looking for a full 3D fluid simulation in flash, it would require a maths, physics and flash genuis...i.e. not me! heh heh :P

Cheers for now,

the idea is to make a particle system indeed. The water is really blood drops in a clear glass jar of water. the blood drifts and smashs into each other, making the drips have somewhat of a splash while they are merging into eachother.

hmmm.....Sounds interesting....This sounds like it will be quite a complex effect.....

Usually I'd imagine that blood dripping into water would gradually dissolve, so i guess you want the blood dripping into the water, perhaps causing a splash as it hits (which could be a separate particle system in itself) and then as the blood sinks into the water, it gradually dissolves and diffuses into the water. As more drips of blood dissolve in the water, I guess you'd want the colour of the water to gradually change.

Given a few days, (as long as my schedule permits) I can probably knock up some kind of very basic AS3 flash particle system tutorial and can then leave you to take that on board and work out the finer points of the exact effect you're after...Producing that effect could take a good deal of work though. But from the sounds of it, if you can pull it off, it should be worth it!

Cheers for now,

thanks for your help hope to hear from you soon....

So what is this a full 3D type animation?