I have a menu that is being obscured by a text field. I tried setting the Z-index in the CSS to 1 and 2 respectively and set the position to relative (w3 schools sais the positioning must by relative, absolute, or fixed) for the Z index to have effect but still is obscured.

I want this input text element to be underneath the menu element sddm. I'm guessing it has something to do with the child nodes but I'm not sure?


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Care to post your entire HTML/CSS code? I despise having to guess the issue.

It's more than likely a parent issue. If the parent of the text box is set for z-index:2 and the parent of the menu is z-index:1 you cannot promote the child of the one higher than the other. Any z-index you change on the menu will take it higher on it's parent, but it's parent is below the text box's parent.

I hope this helps.

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