These are from my website they are dj mix sets that stream using m3u files. The site is still being constucted but it is fuctional.. please Check it out and check out some mixes.. Thanks

house, techno, hard techno, schronz, and hard corps
Darkside v Integra- two hr in the cellar-1
Darkside v Integra-two hours in the cella-2
Integra v Darkside- The Smooth Mix-
Darkside vs Integra- Mind Consumption pt 1
Darkside v Integra- Mind Consumption pt 2
Integra vs Darkside- The Two HEaded Dj
DJ Integra- Dead befor Arival
Darkside vs Integra- Abombination
Darkside vs Integra- Tekno Fukkers
Darkside vs Integra- Tekno Two Acid
Integra vs Darkside- The small dose
Integra vs Darkside- three Deck Acid set

Boris s. & Greg silver-LSD-Synopsis
Sandy warze-Presission London-Cluster
Viper XXL-Doing drugs selling drugs-Definition Mayhem
SwithchBlade-Ya know for the Kids!-Jackstar
Matt M Maddox-The Sparoga-Bitshift
OBI-Double Penatration-Tekk Tribe
Mayhem Man-Nobody Can stop me-Carnage
Switchblade-Players acting like Gangsters-13th
Viper XXL- Cold - Definition of Mayhem
Abstract #01
OBI-Disturbing Dreams-Tekk Tribe
Sven wittekind-Darkzone-Overdrive
OBI-Double Penatration-Tekk Tribe
Epochworks #002
Abstract #01
W.O.T.D # 4
Working Vinyl # 14
W.O.T.D # 3
Arkus p- Kebu -Highball
Mayhem Man-Tekno is dead mayhem is back-Working Vinyl

Dead On Arrival
Andreas Kremer - Rock Them - LFR
Shot Recordings #13
Various Artists - Bits of the Devil Pt.2 - Bitshift
Leo Laker - Vendetta EP - Working vinyl
Form 10-003
CR 12025
Robert Natus - FK's Revenge - System Calls
Mayhem Man - Mayhem Inavsion - Working Vinyl
Matt M Maddox - The Sparroga - Bitshift
Psycho #7
Sven Wittekind - Headnut - Kneedeep
Mark EG & Chrissi - Solitude - Submissions
Sven Wittekind - DarkZone ep - Overdrive
Punish #4
Chris McCormick - Crazy leg Crane - Embryo
Kay D Smith - Psycho Drill - Form
??? - ??? - Reload

Tek Time Story
Headroom-South Opperations III-Compound
Utility Plastics #?
R. Ven-The Fray E.P.-A-S Systems
Damon Wild-Oliver Ho Rmx-Systemwave UK
???-???-Planet rhythm
Andreas Kramer-T. Pogadal-Cocaine-PK Audio# 1
Glenn Wilson-Drake Equation-Compound
Manslaughter-Diamantenbohrer-Jerk Records
Dj Tuttle-Aqua Lemon-UMF
Joel MUll-The Mole remixes-Primitave Recordings
HeadRoom-Sout Opperations III-Compound
Stigmata #4
Head ROom-South Opperations III-Comound
Dean Rodell-Empty skin-compound

Trance Killa
Leo Laker- 6 am ep
OBI- disturbing dreams
a. crash- waves of destruction
dj amok- nightmare 2
a. kreme- way of the drum 4
switchblade- players acting like gangsters
frank kvitta- self destruction ep
OBI- wan kenobi e.p.
viper xxl- doing drugs, selling drugs
carnage 9
OBI- double penetration
OBI- wan kenobi ep
t.bruchschmidt- psycho 9
t. bruchschmidt- psycho 6
a. krAmer- cr12025
t. bruchschmidt- psycho 9
a. krAmer- cr12026

Subjective Duality: Restricted Area
Turbolenza: Kreator
Neophyte: The Tunnel
Neophyte: Inside Me
Neo vs. Stunned: Beat is Coming
Omar Santana: Step the Foch Back
HDF 007
Neurotoxic 3
Fist of Fury: ??
Napalm 4
PKG 5 (Alcore)
Dead End Records: ??
Temper Tantrum: Africa 4010
Epiteth Various
Cattle Decapitation: Men Before Swine

The Darkness

Deep House
Yellow Moon Sunrise--->50 min

Shine On Shine On--->47 min

A Day Makes It Different-Part 1--->50 min
Abstract Truth - We Had A Thing (Original Mix) - Street Wave
Wamdue Project - You're The Reason (Lab Rats Experiment) - A.M./P.M.
Simon - Come Unity Love Distraxtion Mix - Primal
Trentemoller E.P. - La Champagne - Naked Music
Groove Armada - But I Feel Good (Murk-n-Dirty Dub - Pepper Recordings
Irving Project - Pick Me Up (Speros Original Mix)
Defenitive Grooves - I Feel The Music - Blue Orange
Daz Saund - Love Attack (Original) - Remote
Onionz & Tony - Cookin Up The Funk (Fully Roasted) - Siesta
Roach Motel - Work 2 Doo - Junior Boys Own
Olav Basoski - Samplitude Vol.1
??? - ??? - ???

Hard House/Techno
A Day Makes It Different-Part 2--->45 min
Olav Basoski - Waiting For You - Samplitude Vol.3
Dj Dan - That Zipper Track (Speaker Phreaker Mix) - Moonshine
Frankie Bones - Side A Track 1 - Ghetto technics #9
Cari Lekenbusch and Dj Shuffle Master - Extended Playtime - SUBV16
Dj Misjah - Brainerd 1 - Brainerd
Mateo Murphy - Zentih Loop - Zenith E.P.
Gaetano Parisio - Side A Track 1 - Bendigo E.P.
Mateo Murphy - Zentih Loop 2 - Zenith E.P.
Gaetano Parisio - Side B Track 2 - Bendigo E.P.
White Label - ??? - ???
Dj Rip - Digital Distortion - Underground Construction
Proteksion Records - oo4
Static Drum - The Form - Final Act
Glen Wilson & Mike Humphries - shaked - Punish
Sven Wittekind
Dj Fuzz Buzz Vs. Bass-D & King Matthew - It's Alright

Raw Biz--->49 min
Irving Project - Pick Me Up (Shroom Tea Mix) - After Hours
Irving Project - Pick Me Up (shroom Bass Bonus)- After Hours
Tony Senghore - Come Down On Me E.P. - Anonyn
Speaker Phreaker - Phreaky Day - Catalyst
Dj Feelgood - Fly (Original Mix) - Enviroment E.P.
Halo Varga - Another Freak - Catalyst
Simon - Come Unity Love Distraxtion Mix - Primal
Trentemoller E.P. - La Champagne - Naked Music
Dj Onoinz - ??? - ???
White Label - Sunglasses - Sun 101
??? - ??? - ???
??? - ??? - ???
Hatiras - Lightspeed - I H R
Hatiras - Lost In Space - I H R
Olav Basoski - Get Over - Samplitude Vol.3

Hard Techno/Hard House
Sub Sonic--->1 hr 10 min
Oliver Ho - Memories Of The Other - Blueprint
Oliver Ho - West World - Listening To The Voices Inside
David Sussman Club Mix- Center Of The Universe - Alpha State
Mecut - 005 - ???
Joey Beltram Vs. Technasia - The Startup RMX - Glass Splinters
Spinning Atoms - Your Flexible Friend - Prolekult
Infinity - The Third Turn - Label 101 Records
Hyperdelics - R U Ready Tribal RMX - Jellybean Records
Ignition Technician - Hashish Perhaps - Ignition Records
Misjah & Groovehead - Trippin Out - X TRAX
White Label
Chantal - The Realm - Accapella
White Label
S.L.S Vs. Sims - Loops & Dubs The Circle RMX - Hypergroove 003
Paul Harding & D.D.R - Pile Driver/Pile Of Plod In A Warehouse - Cluster
D.D.R Vs. Gizelle - Carbine (psycho Thrill RMX) - S.U.F. Records
Sound Works Foundation - Judgement Part 1 - ???
Air Frog - Bon Voyage - R & S Records
Nakita Sutton

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