I want to insert in my home page a weather forecast.
So I found a site that generates code for weather.

The site is http: // freemeteo . com / default.asp?pid=183&la=1

The problem I have is that the image which is generated is higher than I want. I would prefer 250 *60.

And with divs I can't do it.

Could someone help me?

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As far as I can see, freemeto makes its images available only in certain sizes which you select from a menu.

You can force the image to the size you want with :-

<img src="http://......." width="250" height="60">

but this will distort the image if its aspect ratio is different from 250:60.


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like airshow stated u can alos force the size you like but u dont need to do it in a style tag. u can label the item as an


then in the css stylesheet go like this:


and so forth

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As was already atated this is the best way

<img src="images/logo.png" width="250" height="60" alt="logo">

Don't forget the Alt tag to make it valid. This also helps with screen readers for blind people viewing your web site.

@ SKANK!!!!!

That is a Div your using, this will not size your image in certain browsers so your just creating more problems doing it that way.

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