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it's not the browser because it's working on another page; tried configuring the link and then removing it even, didn't work. so I really don't know., under "Collaborators", "Our Collaborators". Testing it on Lionel. What the hell is wrong. You can look up the code quick if you want, and on the home page (where it's working, under the big main image there are a couple of "posts") you can just double check for yourself but just I have no idea what to do what could be the problem.

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							<span class="date">Lionel Cornelius</span>
							<span class="posted">+ <a href="" target=_"new" title="Lionel Cornelius">Website</a></span>
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								<p>Lionel Cornelius says he was about 10 years old when he picked up my first comic. "I was hooked immediately and began picking up the X-Men series. At the time, Jim Lee was illustrating the X-Men. Horror is just cool man! It's like sci-fi and blood coupled together."</p>
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:( Help

Side note I didn't make this website I'm just fixing it up...