has anyone ever used heritage before? im thinking about letting them design a site for me. anyone have any positive or negative feedback?

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i think they are great. use them. they will provide you with a great site.

i currently work as a php/database developer for them.

Haha, that explains why you all for them!?

Have they got a website? Portfolio?

I don't mind taking a look at their work and giving you my personal opinion.

Haha, that explains why you all for them!?

not really. the company is large enough that the potential monetary gain from this project would never get to me. i based that comment on the work i have seen completed by the designers of heritage web solutions. i didn't say that because i want the business.

website: http://www.heritagewebdesign.com

I was teasing you Keith.

I took a look at their website, its pretty ok. On the bright side, they have worked on quite a few websites, so they should get the job done with you.

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