Hi. I would appreciate if someone can help me. The url to my site is www.trecall.com
There are six main tabs on the site, with padding-right on each tab, making a gray border appear between each tab. I can't figure out why the padding does not show up on the first tab. Can anyone help?
Thank you!

You also have an issue that your page doesn't scale to the screen size and the minimum width is pretty wide. On my screen (1366 wide) I have to scroll horizontally to get to the right side of the page while you have unused gray space on the left and your menu extends beyond the width of your "tabs" on the right to make the screen even wider than necessary.

Well I don't know if you did this purposely but change the following lines in your css/style.css

Line 94:
.cc_menu{width:1280px; /*140px * 5*/ margin-left:150px;height:591px; position: absolute; font-size:14px; text-transform:uppercase; color:#fff; overflow:hidden; /*border:3px solid red;*/}

To this:
.cc_menu{width:1290px; margin-left: 9px; height:591px; position: absolute; font-size:14px; text-transform:uppercase;color:#fff; overflow:hidden;}

Line 42:
header{ width:1300px; /*100#*/overflow:hidden; padding-bottom:17px; padding-right:12px; margin-left:300px;}

To this:
header{ overflow:hidden; padding-bottom:17px; padding-right:12px;}

Then in your html,
Line 59(Most likely):
<div class="cc_item" style="z-index:6;">

To this:
<div class="cc_item" style="z-index: 6; margin-right: 14px;">

Finally the only problem I found is that when you hover over "Patient Communication Center" an extra 10px are left there. I looked but I can't figure out what's causing this. Most likely in you jQuery somewhere. If you do figure out what's causing this problem you most like don't need to do the last fix I gave.