hi im reletivly new to html/css/xml been studying and reading just wondering if anyone had any ideas of some sort of practice i can do to practice some of the things i have learned.... any ideas from anyone would be great... i do things here and there .... maybe a challange section or something.........

BTW i am completely new to this site just signed up lol

Yes, you can practice at http://www.w3schools.com they have place online to enter your code and see the result.

Definitely you can get test papers in www.w3schools.com. A lot of options are there in Google.You can go through which is convinient for you.

1. Pick a forum.
2. Read the next question.
3. Think about it for a bit.
4. Read any existing answers.
5. Add your own opinion if appropriate.
6. Repeat from step 1 or 2, your choice.

When you find that you are the one now giving answers, you've learned something.

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