I am doing a web project... I am new to website design ... I want to create such a website which look same in all browser... Most of the time different browser cant follow same layout and website structure doesnt look same... I have searched this matter alot but didnt got any possible solution...

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Different browsers will display pages differently, especially if you have CSS, multimedia content on your page(s).

You might want to narrow your HTML to a specific type, such as, XHTML and use W3 to validate your page(s) http://validator.w3.org/

It is also useful to include a DocType at the start of your code - it tells the browser what type of code it needs to interpret, if it knows what it's processing it'll do a better job!

When testing, try and get into the habit of opening your site on different browsers. The more browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, IE etc) it works on the more people will be able to visit.

They say multi-platform is "good for all"

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