dear all.
I am using php to design my website. I am vietnamese so i use font utf-8 in my database. But when i used php to connect to database, the display of the result has a problem. It was neither vietnamese to english. It had strange symbol. I think my php was not encoded to utf-8.
Please help me.

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It is probably an issue with the php config file. In config.php, there is a section to enable multi-language support.

So look on your server in the directory where the config file resides.

Make sure it has something like..

// Supported languages
// Maps a shortcut to a Geeklog language file (without the '.php' extension)
$_CONF['language_files'] = array (
    'en' => 'english',
    'de' => 'german_formal'

If the computer looking at the site does not have a Vietnamese font, you are going to get zxnrbl instead. It will try to substitute the closest thing to it, and that could be anything.

Using utf does not guarantee that all of the characters can be displayed on a particular computer. I checked through my fonts, and found only the following languages:

- English
- Western European
- Spanish
- Scandinavian
- Greek
- Russian
- Arabic
- Japanese phonetic

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