When using

<style type="text/css">
    body {background-image:url('images/DarkBrushesswlbcbl2.jpg');}

I have two 'errors' I do not want. 1) I have a little line to the right of the title graphic that I want to get rid of; 2) Depending on the user's browser, the text does not look the same (right justified and TM display).

After reading about the issues, I decided to modify the title image. I did a screen capture and created a new jpeg. I implemented it as follows:

<img src="images\Max-TechTitle.jpg" alt="Max-Tech Title" width="100%" height="100%" />

It displays when using my PC, but not live (at http://www.seblake.com/privacy.html)...the 'alt=' works... And, I still have the space at the right....

Any help/suggestions/comments are welcome! Thank you, in advance!

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Displays fine on my computer. its 100% page width and height. And what text are you talking about?

Thanks for your help!

The text I am talking about is displayed over the background image in my first effort:
<div id="heading">Max-Tech<sup><sup><sup><small><small>&trade;</small></small></sup></sup></sup></div>

The reason I went to the second effort is to ensure the heading and tagline were right-justified.

I went to the webpage again. I'm using Firefox and it did NOT display. It DID display in IE&!@ WOW! OK...what do I need to change to allow it to be displayed in both browsers?

I still see the blank space at the right side of the image. Did you?

Thanks, again, Zizuno!

First, use '/' not '\' in urls. Second, it is your silly css. Why are you using negative margins? I delete those and it looks dandy.

Silly CSS?? OK, GUILTY! I'm teaching myself - do appreciate the help!

1. Still trying to learn when to use / or \.
2. Did you delete all negative margins or only in the body?

I really cannot answer why negative margins, but I believe it was the only way I could get it to look good... I'm currently trying to get a better comprehension of "float".

Thanks for your time!

A backslash has no importance in HTML to my knowledge. But, once you get into PHP, or other languages, it is used to escape characters to mean their literal character.

Removing the one in the body makes it work just fine.

Thank you very much, Zizuno!
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