I've tried inserting an Excel spreadsheet to be read on the web, only read not written to. I've saved the Excel Spreadhseet as a web page and used the following in my code:

<a href="spreadhseetname.html">Click here for Excel Spreadsheet</a>

I can open in with Internet Explorer but when I upload it and try to view it on the web I get nuttin' Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Can you not use it in excel format?
Just link to somefile.xls and most people have excel and should be able to view it fine. There is a free viewer available from microsoft if you want to link to that.

When you save as html in Excel it also creates a folder with supporting images and javascript, did you upload that as well ?

Yes I've uploaded the accompanying files.

I've done the .xls mode and that worked, I didn't know it would. Thank you very much!

how can i create excel page bu using html???

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