please i want a help to understand that statement:

Access node’s DNS record should have CNAME entries equal to the number of protected
websites’ domain names. The entry format should have the access-node ID as a sub-domain
for each protected website domain name, i.e., “”, this is to guarantee
compatibility with SSL, where wildcard certificates must be used by the protected web
servers. Access-node health information must be sent to the trusted public servers
periodically, or on the event of an abnormal event (i.e., access-node under sudden attack).

please for any help i am very thanks

This isn't CSS matter this is a host problem!
You should contact the service provider.

thank u very much for reply
sorry but that is from my study,i want to understand it to be able to understand what all the project is,
i have nerrow information about DNS, i want to know what is that mean, how the DNS records arranged, and what exactly happen here by the statement i sent

thank you very much in advance for any help
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