I think I am going nuts. I an using the <a> tag with href to go to a link in another document it works correctly in my topstyle editor, works in mozzilla. When I use IE7 it opens the page but does not go to the proper link here are the lines.

one html document

<h5><a href="deapajobs.html#job1">PA Maine's Community Health Centers</a></h5>

in deapajobs.html I have a line:

<td colspan="2" class="jobtitle" name="job1" id="job1">Physician Assistant</td>

try this:

<h5><a href="deapajobs.html#job1">PA Maine's Community Health Centers</a></h5>
<td colspan="2" class="jobtitle">[b]<a name="job1">Physician Assistant</a>[/b]</td>

I think, you should be able to use anything with a name as a bookmark target ( but I can't seem to find anything that confirms that explicitly ). Old behaviour used to only use names of <a> elements as bookmarks; perhaps IE7 is only respecting that behaviour..

Are you using a document type definition?

The a tag's name marker is not the same as the name function for other tags. Each tag has its own attributes.

I am not sure what you mean could you give me an example. Thank You.

The following code is the only kind of code which can accept a clicked link:

<a name="job1">Here is the point to land on</a>

This is defined for only a (anchor) tags.

But the name attribute does different things with other tags:

<object title="Explore Site" name="addform" type="text" data="pbook.txt">

In the above code, it identifies the object, so other objects on the same page can talk to it. It has nothing to do with following an a link.

In the map tag, name identifies the map for use by javascript.

In the select dropdown list, name gives the name of the click line for the choice.

In the input tag, name gives the name of the field for javascript use.

All of these uses are different uses of the name attribute in different tags. They have nothing in common.