I added a background image to my page and it caused the background color for my content to disappear. What is the problem?

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In you CSS, make sure that the bg image comes befor the by color, otherwise if the bg color is first, the bg image will override the bg color, only if the item with the bg color is inside the other item. Hope this makes sense.
- Matthew

body{background-image:url('../images/other site background.jpg')}

#wrapper{background-color: #FFFFFF;width: 900px;margin: 0px auto;clear: both}

This is how I have it now.

I have created a sample site that has a background, with center-aligned content. you can download it as an attachment.
Feel free to use the site, but the background is not mine, found it on google.
I have also included a screenshot of the page.

I think so. I want to have a background image for the webpage and then have the background color of the actual content be white.

Can I email you a picture of what it looks like?

woops, sorry, I have edited my post above to include a sample site to see if it is how you want it.

Yes that is layout I want. Thank you.

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