On my site (a vbulletin board) I want to use an IFRAME to show the available houses of a holiday rental site. On this holiday rental site you can do a search for available houses in a selected period/location. The IFRAME would be placed in a table in the middle of my site.
Problem is: I don't want to use scrollbars in my IFRAME, but since it's content is dependent on the search-results, the IFRAME needs to be dynamic all the time.

You can see my page here: http://www.tsjechie.net/board/view.php?pg=eurorelais

So now I'm trying to find a script that dynamically resizes the iframe.

Can anyone help me out here? :rolleyes:

Thanks a lot in advance ;)

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Thanks tgreer for pointing me in the right direction.

I've added the code as described, but for some reason it's not working on my page an I get an error. Any idea what's wrong here?

I guess it's because the framed page is not on the same domain :(

Any other solution ?

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