For some reason, on my homepage ( an extra '</div> <!-- content #end -->' is being created in the page source, AFTER the closing 'body' and 'html' tags.

There is no mention of '</div> <!-- content #end -->' in my 'footer.php' file, so why does this show up in the page source?

Please see the attachment.

If anybody could point me in the right direction as to why this might be occurring, and how I might fix it, I would be eternally grateful!


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it does not show up in my sourcecode
did you fix it?

if not, maybe the '</div> <!-- content #end -->' is in your index.php or somewhere else, for example:

<?php include "footer.php"; ?></div> <!-- content #end -->

maybe just search for the '</div> <!-- content #end -->' in your files.


Thanks Agarsia but I think I already found the source of the problem and have now fixed it. I did what you suggested anyway though. I searched every file in the directory for '</div> <!-- content #end -->' and pinpointed the culprit.

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