i created some pages in my website that i would like to insert editor for inserting some HTML or PHP codes that i searched many times on the net for this kind of editor but i couldn't find what that i want

is there any body to help me ??

all i want is a editor like daniweb's, that you can insert [//code]HTMLCODES[///code] .

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Daniweb uses UBB code - any decent html/text editor will do simple html/css code insertions for you (like Texturizer if you can find it.). For anything much more complicated than that, you need to look at WYSIWYG webpage software.
If you're looking for webpage integration: http://www.daniweb.com/web-development/javascript-dhtml-ajax/threads/349819

all i want is a editor like daniweb's, that you can insert [//code]HTMLCODES[///code] .

i wanna the just <script> just like tinymce or CKeditor but with HTML and/or PHP plugins

As dandello said, you need to use UBB code...

If you're using jQuery look for the cleditor plug-in or the UBB editor plug-in here.

If adding the code option is what you really need try this one in corpocrat.com .

please accept my apologize i didnt get notice with your suggestion

so if you can please explain it that how can i put this kind of editor inside my pages

i should mentioned that i used tinymce editor in advanced mode or basic one but i cant recognize how to set this kind ???

please help me with this ?

You now appear to be talking about something that will insert html or UBB codes into a form submission.

See raphie's answer - you need a plugin or custom script. The UBBCode editor has pretty clear instructions on how to add it.

Of course, it also assumes your resulting file can be converted properly back to to html to be rendered by a browser.

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