Hello everyone.

I am trying to publish a win projector (.exe) for a flash project using CS5.5 and Flash Player 11.
I downloaded the following extension :
Flash Player 11 support for CS5

and therefore i can use Flash Player 11 in publish settings.

When i publish swf and load it on browser the browser detects the version correctly and uses flashplayer 11.

But when i publish it as windows projector (.exe) it keeps using flash player 10.

Is there anything i can do to force the projector to use flash player 11 or i must wait for CS6?

Thanks in advance!

Ohh shoot...!
I always get the best ideas after posting a question..

For anyone iterested i went to :
Flash Player 11 Support
and downloaded :
1.Windows Flash Player 11.0 Projector content debugger
2.Windows Flash Player 11.0 Projector
And placed them respectively to :
1. C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS5.5\Players\Debug\ (rename it to FlashPlayerDebugger.exe)
2. C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS5.5\Players (rename it to FlashPlayer.exe)
and C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS5.5\Players\Release (rename it to FlashPlayer.exe)

Hope that helps someone else too...!

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