I'm a newbie in php and web development, and I'm just able to develop basic applications using php and html.
For an application I'm developing, I designed a landing page, and people told me it looks so 90s design, and you need to improve UI and give a more modern look. Right now, I want to know how to design modern looking dialog that can be used to build forms (I intend to use that for registration, login, and for forms that can be of varying length from 2-3 to 8-12 rows of fields) -just to give you an idea what i'm looking for- http://www.gliffy.com/#

Now, I'm doing using php that creates forms in the page, but I feel a dialog would be better,
do I need to go for things like jquery? Please guide me as where to get started. If you have any piece of code skeleton, that can help me get started, I'll be more than grateful.

Thank you.

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