I have been working on writing a newsletter template to send out to a mailing list. I found a site that let me download one, but after determining it was overly complex, I decided to rewrite it using css. (it was using tables for content layout)

Everything was working fine until I got down to the very last section of the page. It won't show the background image, nor will margins show up until you get up in the 2-300 pixel margin.

I looked at it in firebug, and the .info div and .footer div do not show up as objects, but just shows the margins and padding in purple and yellow. And the body highlight seems to stop right above the footer tag for some reason.

Anyone think they can find where i've messed up?


I got kind of desperate and started trying different things in the CSS to see if I could make it work, but nothing has seemed to work.

Normally this is because your footer is being hide behind your content. Please try these style to footer(just suggestion, hope can help)


thank you for your suggestion :) I actually finally got it figured out earlier today right before I left work, using a method very similar to what you posted.
I added a .clearboth class and just added <br class="clearboth" /> after the footer and now it's working perfectly

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