Hi every1
I am new to CSS and I want to use CSS to format my website.(i use Dreamweaver to create my site)
There are many free css template on the Internet but it's difficult to understand them.
My question is: do you know some website provide free SIMPLE css template?
Thanks you! :)

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You would be much better off learning CSS (plenty of information on the web) as even with a simple template you won't necessarily know what is doing, how to use it or how to make any additions or changes to the style sheet should you need to.

Thank you much, but my project must be finished within 1 month!
I just need a template, as simple as possible. I want spend my time to manipulate database, organize pages, write code to solve tasks...

The free CSS templates below are provided in .ZIP format. If you don't have an unzipping application, I strongly recommend 7-Zip.

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