Some tips about web design in 2013,

Leaving the Doomsday behind and entering in the new year of 2013 still if you will search or just Google from other source you will notice that sale of PC (Desktops) is decreased in the year 2012. The question that arises is that, is it due to recession or some other reason? But it has affected the sales of PC, sale of PC has decreased but the sale of Tablet and Smart phone is increased. So it indicates that its trend of responsive design.

What is responsive design?

Technically speaking it is the process of creating a single website that has the ability to dynamically reconfigure its content, layout, navigation, content and images based on the size and orientation of the respected users display and the browser in which it is presented.
The main advantage of Responsive web design in today’s world is that it can adjust any kind of layout like Desktop, Tablet and smart phones.


Great techbrain for awaring me with Responsive Web design it change the web design definition.

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For RWD frameworks - try Twitter Bootstrap.
RWD is a lot more than simply setting break points and media queries though. A whole rethink of the design is required if you need to display info on a variety of different formats. Desktop designs don't always scale nicely even with a dynamic grid system.

Diafol is right, Twitter bootstrap is brilliant, I have used it on many projects and it is really very good

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