Is it possible using script and cookies to due the following, and if it is please recommend a place to buy the code!

- check for a previous stored zipcode cookie - if false open a window to allow user to input zipcode - store in cookie - refresh page while reading cookie and put that variable into two places which are linked to local info banner (weather).

- if the cookie was there the page would load with the variable

I have the code in the html for linking the banner to the zip code, I just do not know java script and just an amateur with html. I would be willing to pay a reasonable price for the code.

Dan Sigel

What you describe is possible and not even very complicated for a javscript programmer. If you want to take a stab at it yourself, there are plenty of javascript cookie examples on the net. Some simple searching for "javascript" and "cookies" will get you some code to play with. Since you are a newbie, though, you may need to start with a javascript primer to get your feet wet.

I didn't read this page thoroughly, but here is a page that gives you both the javascript and HTML to do similar to what you want. It's missing the part to reload the page. That can be accomplished with:


If you want to hire somebody to do the scripting for you, feel free to post over in Daniweb's IT Water Cooler / IT Job Offers.