ok i think i attached the dreamweaver file i am working on correctly, now when i preveiw it in a browser there is those spacesin between each button caused by the tables i used to place the buttons were i want, i have taken 2 dreamweaver courses at my school, but that was almost a year ago and this is the first time i have touched dreamweaver since, so i kinda forget alot. also when i try to upload the index.htm file on angelfire and geocities the images dont show up. i know i got a mess here but some help would br great

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ok on the part about the tables i just figured it out, so ignore that one, but the problem about the uploading to angelfire and geocities is still a problem :)

You uploaded the images too right? If the images are in a folder lets say called "images" on your computer, you must also have an "images" folder on the website.

yes i have an images folder, and here is the weird thing, angelfire's upload thing does not allow me to upload folders, just files, so i tried uploading each file (errr) and now only 1 button comes up. any suggestions, btw the site is www.angelfire.com/hi5/techspec

I looked at your site. At the moment you page should have all the images in the same directory as the page. Or you can change the code on your page like this:

<img src="banner.jpg" width="746" height="125">

change to:

<img src="images/banner.jpg" width="746" height="125">

Have fun :)

the reason why i put my images in a different directory is because when i had them all in the same directory i got the same results as you see now, i will try it with different code as you posted an see if i get any results, i will keep ya posted

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