hey gues just practicing some HTML im haveing a problem with my code and it wont center. its the <h1> code i have 2 images on either side of the text(text is in between the jpg images) how can i move it over here is my code for it:

<table width="1425";border="1" color="#0000FF";>
<TD colspan="0" style="background-color:#000000";>
<table width="1425";border="1" color="#0000FF";"text-align:center";>
<font size="85"; face="bobcat"; color="#0000FF";>
<h1><b><img src ="funny1.jpg"/>my<font color="#8E35EF">funny<font color="#0000FF"></b></TD>images<font color="#8E35EF"></b></TD>.COM<img src = "Funny2.jpg"/></b></h1>

I think you need a <table> before starting with a table row <TR>

i got it had a few things in there that wasent needed thx

With regard to your HTML table, the flow of the element's is not corect.

First is the <table> element, then table row <tr>, then its table data <td>. So an example of a table with one row and two cells would look like this:

  <tr><td>first cell</td><td>second cell</td></tr>

There are some other elements missing, not sure if you copied and pasted from your html or jut quickly jotted a few lines of HTML markup. For example, the first element is html, then head, then body Here is an example:

  <!-- your html code -->

Also keep in mind that your pages should really have only one h1 element. If you are using h1 for formatting purposes, it is recommmended that you use the <span> element and style the text accordingly.

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