I need to know how to set an html page to only open at a set size. I had learned this in my basic htm code class a long time ago but have forgotten and can't seem to find any instructions about how to do this.

I have dreamweaver 8 but am pretty new in the software and can't seem to find any help in the Help section


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There is no such thing as a "page size" in HTML. The user can size their browser to any size they wish. That's as it should be.

JavaScript does provide, however, a window.resize() method. Using it creates a very negative user experience. The only way I've seen this work well is for your main page to open a new window, and size the new window. Use the window.open() method.

Javascript can only size or resize a window that has been opened with javascript.

I have a similar problem. I am designing a website but would like it so that if someone using a smaller screen is viewing the site, my site shrink to fit there browser size. But I would also like it to stop shrinking at a certain size

hi every one
this is the way to set HTML page

<TITLE>A simple frameset document</TITLE>
<FRAMESET cols="20%, 80%">
  <FRAMESET rows="100, 200">
      <FRAME src="contents_of_frame1.html">
      <FRAME src="contents_of_frame2.gif">
  <FRAME src="contents_of_frame3.html">
      <P>This frameset document contains:
         <LI><A href="contents_of_frame1.html">Some neat contents</A>
         <LI><IMG src="contents_of_frame2.gif" alt="A neat image">
         <LI><A href="contents_of_frame3.html">Some other neat contents</A>

With a few wee changes I managed to get that code to work with my site.


framesets are outdated, and if you were to look ath the results of whatever code you developed from the BS supplied as a fix on any other browsers or screen resolution, it looks nothing like you expect
current best practice for screen layout ueses ems and % sized elements as per W3c guidelines, and nothing uses frames

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