I have been trying to get the sponser logos (Vail, Oakley, etc.) on www,noahhoffman.com to link to their respective websites for the past few days and have run into an issue. Even though the images are linked they are unclickable. I think this is an issue to do with the z-index but it could be something entirly different. If you could take a look at the site and help me hunt down the issue I world really apreciate it. Thanks

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You have mistakes in your code. It should be <a href="">, not <a herf="">

Thanks for that. I had been pounding my head into a wall so long I forgot to look to see if there was a door.

Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes to see the obvious. no worries, it happens to everyone. After a while of looking at code href and herf looks the same. Your brain does that automatically.

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