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There are websites where you can run a logo challenge, and only pay the winner. You'd have to google for it, I forgot the link.


I am usually good with creating logo concepts however my skills are in actually digitizing the ideas in my head suck. I agree with Pritaeas that a logo challenge may be helpful. I've found a couple of sites that I will link to. You can also go to web/graphic design forums and post a challenge. Basically figure out the max you'd want to pay for an appropriate logo and offer that as the prize to the designer of the winning logo. Although some designers will be wary of that kind of setup, fearing that you'll use their logo without paying them. Although they could put 'copyright' text over submissions and then give you the file without the 'watermark' if they win and you pay them.

But these sites tend to be viewed as more 'official' and may give you better luck.


Actually I googled "logo creation challenge" and it brought up several similar sounding sites so you can check them out and see if you want to go with one.

As far as the site goes: Since you appear to be going with tables for the layout I would suggest creating a CSS class for the post TD's to create a set width. Most of the posts are the same width as the size of the videos in the posts set the TD's width the same but then anywhere that you have only text they are much more narrow. Kinda ruins the flow visually.

Might also add some more color or elements to the design to spice it up a bit.

Other than that I like the content. Never saw Pico before but she's attractive haha And I may actually try downloading Nitronic Rush if I think I'll have the time to play it as it looks pretty sweet.

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