i want to reduce my div size so that my page will come fit to screen.it is displaying very zoom position.

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Have you try div{width:100%} ?

Can you provide your HTML code or URL to take a closer look?

You can reduce the size of your site html page in a div.

the thing is, if you are able to provide as with the portion of ur code we can effectivly help you. but there are basicaly some things u can do. 1. you can use the css property

{width: 100%;}

or an inline style

<div style="width: 100%;"></div>

if you want your div to cover the whole browser window. but if you want to create a div with a fixed width and center it in ur browser you can use the width property to specife a fixed width and

{margin: auto; }

to center it.

let as know if this helps

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