I am trying to develop a wp theme. But a problem arise with the footer.
I have uploaded the theme in my testing server.

Here footer area comes into left side, just beneath the sidebar. But I have created separate footer.php file and div for it.

I want to set my footer part at bottom of the theme.

Please take a look at the codes below.

This is the footer.php

<div id="footer">

<span> This footer . All right reserved. </span>


<?php wp_footer(); ?>

In style.css

#footer { height: auto;


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try adding clear:both; to the css, see if it works, though im no expert.

keep footer outside the 'main' div. a strucute like below should work fine:

<div id='main'>
  <div id='left'>....</div>
  <ul id='sidebar'>...</div>
  <!-- to clear the float-->
  <div style="clear:both;"></div>
<div id='footer'>....</div>

Thanks both of you guys. It is working.

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