can we make a pop up window using css and html?
iam making a ecommerce website and when user buys a item. a window should pop up. and on pop up window it should give information about ur cart. here is a example i saw on a website.

the pop window is at bottom of image. i want to create almost same as that. any ideas? i think they are using javascrip not sure.
if this is javascript than is there a way to do the same think by only using jquery thanks.


yes, it's possible to do it with JQuery. In fact, jQuery it's the easiest way to do it.

You'll need the html strucutre for the window, the css to add style to the window and jQuery to open, close and manage the window.

Google a little bit about JQuery PopUp Window that you'll find a lot of things.

If you don't want to code much I suggest that you use jQuery UI Dialog.

You are also going to need to include some server side scripting. This shopping cart I for is going to be stored in cookies, session variables, and/or a database.