I am creating a website and would love to have animated cartoons like the REDBULL ones shown on TV as part of the branding of the site. I have found RINGTALES.COM and atomfilms.com but cant find a directory of websites/cartoonists who might be interested in working on this.
Can anyone help me with this?
Do you guys have any idea how much money each 5/10 seconds Flash cartoon might cost?

thanks for your time

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It Depends On How Much Characters You Want In 1 Sec. Of Animation.

Pls. Put On Details Here ....

If you include 2 characters per second and with animation than its going to cost you 70 usd per second.

There are many animation studios which do this type of work and i think the avg. price must be what i gave you but i still say that try it first in animation studios.

There are probarbly hundreds of websites offering free flash animations. However these would have copyright limitations.

Have a look on www.deviantart.com they have some excellent stuff on there.

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