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Well, I am learning flash also, and as far as I know,
you can't.
well, in flash at least. Yeah, flash is NOT the best image creation program there is. Flash is an animation program. If flash could like, merge with photoshop that would be bliss. pure unadultered bliss.
But unfortunately we are doomed to have to make do with what we are given.
Your best bet is to goto photoshop and make your image there if you REALLY have to have a blur in your animation, I mean, DRAW out the blur --kinda like what they do in cell animation.

Look at other flash animations. Do any of them have a blur?

Sorry I couldn't help,
-Soral 3.0


I have been doing 3d but I'm intrigued by flash.Had one problem though,how do you create a blur effect in flash?

That depends on what type of blur a general blur like a photo out of focus or a motion blur? But both can be done in flash. I was told you couldn't make a browser shake but I proved them wrong by not only making my browser window shake but doing it from flash too :-)


P.S. Check out www.FlashKit.com goto the forum and enter the newbie form and ask in there and if you are lucky the king Iaskwhy will answer your question and if he is not about goto the Coffee Lounge and see if Subway is about :lol:


whoa, how did you make the browser window shake?

The line pf code in your flash movie is getURL("javascript:shake_x(5)")
place this when you want the browser to shake.

basicly this activates Javascript in the HTML page, have a look at the javascript at the top of the HTML page without this it wont work.

But remember after a while the shaking of the ebrowser gets annoying so don't do as I originally did!!!! I had a button at the top of a flash site that said MENU when you clicked it the navigation would animate onto the screen then shake the browser (With a thunder sound), when you clicked a link on the navigation it animated out of shot.

But havin g to watch the browser shake and hear that sound everytime I wanted to change page was giving me a headache I would suggest using this code in a flash intro or something that would be appropriate.



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