Hi, i tried google for a solution, no success...

I want to take google analytics and display them in a line graph on my website, how do i do that?


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If you check the link, you'll see those languages in the list.

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Sorry for not replying... i didn't see the icon change colors... (don't ask what i mean)...

Is there a way to do this in php or at least jquery?

its a code which is generated for ur websites...so u just need it to paste the code to ur side..
It could be like pasting it in each page....
U have to create account here http://www.google.co.in/analytics/
Then they ask ur domain info and all..
As soon as u provide all these they generate a code..just copy and paste it to your website..

This maybe a dumb question but where do you paste it in? In the header or before?

Where do you paste what? The google analytics tracking script can either be in the head, or before the end of the body.

oh okay, I will experiment with what I can do :)

it could be either where at the very end or starting...i pasted at the end..it depends

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