Hello dear DaniWeb members

I have a problem with the new site I´m making nad I was wondering if anyone could help me.

Well its because I have big content box where I´m keeping 2 news boxes in and a right box but when I put the boxes to have float left then the big content box which has a background color then it won´t follow the site all the way down it just stops showing but when I remove the float left then the big box follows as long as there is text?

Please help me :(

Here is my css

    background-color: #535353;
    width: 1099px;

    background-image: url(../images/contentboxtop.jpg);
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-color: #111111;
    width: 702px;
    height: 37px;
    color: #00aeff;
    margin-left: 20px;
    padding-top: 6px;

can u provide ur HTML files with both the cases? cause I didnt understand ur problem exactly. And if u want to learn about the basics of css n all u can study from HERE

kindly mention your website's link here so that i can undertant the issue more correctly

If you provide the link to your project or the html codes, it would be easy to figure out the problem and solution