eh hi there, im new on the boards and i see you got a good help section, dunno if this is quite the right place to post this but i really really need help!

at college we are creating an online portfolio basically, and mine is yet to be desinged right and filled so bare with its rather crap layout and everything i havent even started it just its a temp look for now once i get my screenshots hosted! X_X hold on for that for now bare with my description.

ok, so i have my main pages, Home, Info, Characters, Forums, Links, Guestbook and such, i have made one character page as a trial and error sort of thing and now i want to put up a photoshop gallery. i have PS CS and getting CS2 eventually, dunno how long though now, i got my list in dreamweaver of all my files and such at the side (bare in mind, im no where near Great with dreamweaver i understand and use it well in some places, fail misserably in others)ahem, any way, so i got all my pages and images in my list and i sett he images i want in the PSgallery in to their own seperate folder, and set the destination to be my sites folder. now, PS does its lil thing, preview and such in browser and its all good.
so back tot he dreamweaver side, i go on in, open my characters page up to jsut put a test link in 'to gallery' written at the bottom, highlight it and select, then link it to the gallery index page. save and put the entire site, which is alot! >.< and so i visit it, to either find its replaced my original index file with this one, or it wont even show up 'to gallery' there i placed it, and wont even load the gallery when i try and type in the adress bar so uhm. help?

what am i doing wrong, what do i need to do to get this gallery in, linked and working right? because ive tired the methods i know and none are working, you guys n gals know more so you could probably spot where im slipping up or what i need to do? help!! :(

Are you using the Automate --> Web Phot Gallery in PS. I assume you are since you said you choose your destination. PS will automatically make an index.htm when you run the web photo gallery tool so you do not want to set your destination in your root directory of your website (or you run into th error you are of overwrtinign your existing index.htm. Instead you should make a folder called gallery off of your root directory and set that as the destination, then within that gallery folder, PS will put in an images folder with the images and thumbnails and an index.htm. Now when you want to set the link to go to that folder, you can just point it to the gallery folder and it should work fine.

For the second part you are saying it is not even showing up the to gallery link you created. If you have it on your page in dreamweaver, and it is not showing up when you try to test it, clear your cache in IE or whatever you use. That might solve that issue.

Don't know if any of this will help, but good luck.

thanks so much! i tried what you said and it worked a treat!! now all i gotta do is try and figure out how to stick my new layout i made in to dreamweaver x_x;