Does everyone here design for 800x600 resolution or for 1024x768, are there any tricks to making sites look good on both, flash, html, etc...

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um the best for html and hard coding is using percents instead of set widths. that is my only advice;)

If you do use set width to 780 or less (it gives spac for the scroll par in 800x600 resolution)

Usually I design liquid layouts, but when doing fixed width, I always make them 780px wide or less, to account for scroll bars, etc.

I code for every resolution, if its a fixed width 760px.

Just code to the standards and keep the little guy in mind and you will be fine :)

Use percentage values to define the height and width of anything, this way it should look great across all platforms and browsers. Also, the very best way to layout a web page, if you want it to be viewable across all browsers is using css, it is soooo good for compatability, tables aren't a great way to lay out as some of it isn't valid html 4.0

CSS for everything other than tabular data. I design for 800x600 but keep in mind most of my visitors use 1024x768. I use fixed height and percentage widths ;)

Thank you so much for sharing that URL. I just checked it out and it's really great. I might even use it myself to make all of DaniWeb CSS friendly!

When designing fixed width, try to design for 744. IE on a mac is the smallest screen I design for.

Gotcha, thanks for the replies. I usually with html do 100% width's on tables, etc, and flash usually 760 just wondering what everyone else did, thanks.

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