Hi everyone, i'm having a problem with my menu bar in my blog, it runs fine in a screen resolution of 1366x768, or 1980x1080, but it doesn't look good in 1024x768 resolution, or any resolution have a width is less than 1024px, you can see the problem in the picture below:

When i run it in 1366x768 resolution, the menu bar is normal


in 1024x768 resolution, there is one problem, you can see that


Tool to test website in different screen resolution: http://quirktools.com/screenfly/#u=http%3A//thegioidulieu.blogspot.com/&w=1024&h=768
My site: http://thegioidulieu.blogspot.com

Can anyone help me fix this problem?
Thank in advance

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your tabs-inner class has a 15px padding that causes the navbar to slide to the left when the browser winow is resized. The class is set in this file, which I assume you are importing into your project.

Well, This works excellent.
Thank thank thank you very much
Big thumbs up for you.
//This forum helped me a lot
//BTW,How to mark threads SOLVED?

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