<video controls="controls" width="500" autostart="False">
                <source src="vid/Chantel.webm" type="video/webm" >
                <source src="vid/Chantel.mp4" type="video/mp4" >
                <source src="vid/Chantel_libtheora.ogv" type="video/ogg">
                <object data="vid/Chantel.mp4" width="500">
                    <embed src="vid/Chantel.swf" width="320" height="240"> </embed>

is anything wrong with it i need help ive done everything

What doesn't work about it?
Seems fine when I try and use it on my web server.

(Also, no need to bump threads. They shall be answered in due time.)

lets get the obvious out of the way, to make sure it isnt a doh head-slap moment
\what doctype declaration it the file

Also some other obvious things to check... The relative paths you referenced are correct? There is a vid folder at the same level within the folder structure?

im using Ajax and im using a <!doctype> and then the normal usaul tags then i got this in bettween the body tag it works of firefox ive been playing around with the code and now it works on all browsers but Safari but thanks for you help ive igured a bit out

and now it works on all browsers but Safari

Try moving the mp4 entry to the top of the list above webm

@joe, i think he has gotten a solution after 2 months?