I am working in a Local Hosting company as system administrator. I know about dedicated server, vps server, semi-dedicated server but never learned or heard about Hyper-V-Virtualization Hosting Server. I have seen atlantic.net is offering such services:

http://www.atlantic.net/virtualization/hyper-v-virtualization.html (You can check this link to find out more)

But really I don't know what unique features they are providing! It seems to me just like a dedicated server with a new name. Please share your knowledge on Hyper-V-Virtualization hosting.


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Hyper-V, VMWare, Xen all fall into the same grouping, just different products with different strengths and features.

It appears that the hosting provider you mentioned, simply provides you with a VM infrastucure that allows you to create guest Virtual Machines. The bigger the VM host, the more VM guests you can create.

JorgeM, thanks for your reply. I believe my local company doesn't offer such services that's why I am so nuts about this. I really appreciate your reply. Thanks again

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