The line appears as a red line in google chrome for the below tag:

<hr width="1052" style="border: 1px solid #990000" color="#990000" size="1">

However when I view in IE it appears as a box with white filling but red border line.

Did I miss something? Your help is kindly appreciated.

Thank You.

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What version of browser is giving you an issue. different browsers/versions use different properties to style the hr element.

Try adding the background-color property as well.

background-color: #990000;

If it helps, I try not to use hr anymore, anytime I need to achieve the same effect I will just use the css border property, it is much more reliable and works pretty much all the time in every browser.
So say you have a <div class="myDiv">...</div> then just add this rule to the css .myDiv{border-bottom:1px solid black} (obviously tweak it as needed) and here's your pseudo-hr

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