hi i have built a website which has been live for a while but i am not sure if i am doing it right. The website i created is http://canadianfavoritepizza.com ( by no means am i trying to attract people to this website, obviously this is a location based website for a bussiness.)
1. how is the usability on the website?
2. I have placed tags and etc like h2 for tittles of menu items in the menu but doesnt respond well in the search engines.( though not many people would want to help me in this area but would be great)
3. Can someone help me insert google snippets for menu or adress?
4. is there anything i can do better in?

thank you and i am sorry if this is not the right place to ask these questions.

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Here are my reviews...

  1. Logo should be in img tag.. currently given as background image
  2. Create sitemap in XML & submit to major search engines. There are plenty of online tools to generate
  3. Try to give this image also in img tag, "../images/front.jpg" - Name the file name properly. front.jpg is not appriciated
    4) Try to convert this image content to text ../images/number.jpg. Atleast working timings can be in text.
    5) You having 2 homepages ( http://canadianfavoritepizza.com/ and http://canadianfavoritepizza.com/index.html), have only one http://canadianfavoritepizza.com/.
    6) Add google analytics to track the visitors.
    7) I didnt find <h1> tag in home page.

For more tips, try reading SEO realted blogs & tweak your pages. :)

1) Add '$'s (or whatever currency symbol) in front of your prices that don't already have them
2) The green text 'Your Food. Your Way.' can be a bit hard to read - maybe add subtle text shadowing or change the parent container's background colour to ease the contrast.
3) As for deals.html, it's saying 'Not populated'. I see you've put a message explaining it, but it's not a good look for a business - perhaps temporarily remove the link on the menu bar to this page until it has content on it
4) You open your <html> tag twice:

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">

You should only have one or the other, not both

5) On the delivery page, try not to use centered text for more than single-line things like titles or slogans - it can make the reader's eye not follow the text as easily, because when they reach the end of a line, they cannot locate the beginning of the next line because it can be anywhere instead of being on the left margin. Try left align or justify

Other than that (and what mrvijayakumar has said), it looks nice. If I'm ever in Canada, I'll be sure to drop in and have a feast! :)

There's been some great tips presented so far... In addition, here are a few good tools I always use to help resolve HTML markup errors as well as possible performance problems. Every little bit you do to the site to make it more friendly not only for humans, but search engine crawlers will help...

Validate your Markup:

Get tips on performance:

How your pages looks via different browsers:

Once you start working through these issues and apply some SEO techniques, you'll slowly start to see more traffic coming from search engines.... The comments regarding images are really important.. Search engines cant see text that is shown as an image. Alt tags are helpful, but in this case, the phone number, address, name of company are all being missed by the search engines.

Thank you guys so much for the help, as I hadnt considered these things to be that great of a difference. I will try to make time to finish these as soon as possible. I am an amataur and am trying to learn and code better thank you again.

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