Ok i have included a next button on my first 5 frames and placed the one code for that button in another layer so it corresponds to all the next buttons.

once published i have noticed that it works fine if i have the next button on every page, however the problem occurs when i remove one next button from say frame 3 and then once i skip to frame 4 using a sidrebar button the next btuuon does not operate on that page? Its as if flash wants me to have it on every page so that it works?

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Cant help much without looking at source fla. But why whould you need to put same button with same code on every keyframe. Rather make a new layer and say you have 5 keyframe, just put frame till there on button layer.

PS: Be careful, Keyframes and Frames are different.

yes that is what im saying, ive put the one code for the next buttons on a different layer (action layer) so that i dont have to write the code individually for every frame.

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Yeah, but you still have inserted button on every keyframe. Better put it one one keyframe on another layer and extend the frame till end. Again I cant help much without source!

ok just attached the source file so you can have a look at m8, as requested.

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Oups, I think you've got Flash CS4 because I cant open the FLA. I have CS3.

yes i have got cs4 i thought you knew that. despite this altercation and it not being solved i must say i really appreciate you spending your time and the length of your efforts to solve my problem m8.
I made this rule up that for every post i put on i should attempt to solve at least one of someone else's.

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Hey, do this....File>Save As... and on "Save as Type" combo select CS3 version. Every version of flash till now has an option to save FLA in its predecessor's format.

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Actually you have not use the next button in a single frame, Instead of that you used the next button in several frames.

You should place more codes relevant to the button location (frame).Please look into the attachment for your solution.

yea cheers rajar, i decided to do what you suggested and to individually provide the code for each cluster of frames i put the button on, instead of providing one piece of code for all the buttons on another layer. Im starting like you rajar

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