The BBC built this page and it looks good.

Can anyone shed any light on how they did it?


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Well, you don't even need to ask! If you look on your browser, it might have an editing tool. If you use firefox (as an example) you would use firebug to view the site's source code and get ideas on how the page was designed.

I did i did, honest but i couldn't put it together properly, nevermind.

Do you understand how to use your editing tools? Which tool are you using? Do you have any experience with web design?

I use firebug

okay, and do you understand how to code/read html and css?

Abosolutly i just didn't recogonise the behaviour of it. Which is where i needed the guidance.

Well examine this div tag that they have more closely: newsspec_4516

The "web" they have created is using javascript, that maybe the part you may not understand. Do you know javascript?

Okay, so i looked into the "web" effect and i see that it is quite simple.

Here is a tutorial that may help you a lot:

You should get the idea on how to do effect after viewing the tutorial, the difference is that they would use a wheel shape rather than that list format they use in BBC.

Thanks guys my javascript is not very good.

Okay, but do you understand how the page is built? Based off of the example/link i provided?

If you need help with the coding, feel free to post a question in the javascript forum so daniwebsters can help you fix your code and assist you deeply.

Do you have any more questions?

Thanks guys, nice one.

Thanks guys, nice one.

So does this answer your question? If so, mark the question solved and offer rep points if we (i) have satisfied this question.

BTW, i am the only person posting here... a long with you.

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