I'm having some issues with trying to get my image to cling to the top of the header div. I've got 4 templates running this website and it does fine on one of the templates, but the other 3 or screwy. Any help would be appreciated it. You can see it here at www.yourprecision.com.

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I don't see the issue besides a bunch of javascript errors. Can you create an image that shows how it looks now versus how you want it to look?

I dont see a problem either.. you'll need to be more specific or upload a picture with markings indicating what problem you see.

Ok, the picture helps.. That just seems to be a margin issue on the body element. When I apply a margin of 0px on the body element using my browser's web dev tools, the body element is flush with the browser window.


This is often caused by border collapsing. You can either change the collapse behaviour using CSS or apply a margin of 1px to the outer element that is a direct child of <body>.

However, in this case it appears the body element is having a default margin being applied to it - with Chrome it is 8px - so setting margin:0px on the body element in CSS should help also.

Thank you very much. I will try this (well try to figure out how to do this). I am a newbie at webdesign and sometimes it kicks my butt.

Thanks again! (Any good advice for somewhere to go to get training on spry, javascript, forms?)

I will try this (well try to figure out how to do this).

To address this one issue, simply modify your internal style Lines 7-10, and simply add margin:0px to the body selector.

body {
    background-color: #000;
    background-image: url();