Which between HTML and Php? is the easier language one can learn by themselves with the help of tutorials and some other e-learning materials?

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definitely HTML then you can advance to PHP

Depend on your mind :-) If you know another language like C++, Pascal (Delphi). Then php will be easier language.

Best start with html.
php is mostly used to create html pages dynamically.

As already replied above, html is a markup language to create a static web page directly.
php is a server scripting language used to create html pages at the server, interact with a database of (for example) HELP posts like this.
This web site is comprised of php scripts to create the millions of pages that make it.
There is not a horde of programmers retyping every altered page whenever somebody adds a post :P
Start with html, css, php, mysql,
with each there are good tutorial sites, heaps of code samples, prewritten scripts under gnu to base your own work on.

Best programing language help to w3schools.com website.
try this.

Thank you all got I will start with html

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