on the top of the page I have a menu created in CSS.... with drop down lists... all looks nice..

later... I added wowslider right below... wowslider plugin is really cool... but the dropdown menus fall behind the slider!

so I find it is because of z-index properties... and I correct it... now... dropdown menu fall properly over the slider, but as a result my slider doesnt have those fancy effects anymore... it just changes pictures and no controls... but if I reverse z-index setting to original... then jquery effects are back!

is there any way to fix it? is my question understandable? please help! thanks

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here is some code to help you understand my situation:
style.css belonging to wowslider div:

#wowslider-container1 { 
    zoom: 1; 
    position: relative; 
    margin:0px auto 0px;
    text-align:left; /* reset align=center */

and here is the other menu.css file describing the properties od a menu:

ul, li {
    font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

Now, while like this.. menus show behind the slider and slide domino effect is perfectly working... but if I add z-index value to ul, li ... then I get menu in the front but I lose the domino effects of the slider...

Strange thing is: if I add any z index value to ul, il then, menus are still in the back but no domino effect on the slider... I have to delete the zindex value from UL IL to get the effects back....

I am lost :) anyone cares to explain? thanks


well... I resolved the issue by using Nivo Slider... it doesnt lose the effects after I set the css of menu to z-index=9999;
Thanks all

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