Hi there. I ve got a problem with my drop down menu, i ve centered a border on my page and when i hover over the <li> of my <ul> a drop down menu appears but it appears behind the border that i ve inserted. My question is do i have to use the css position property or something else. i hope that i was clear enough.

It's more helpful to see your relavent code either on the live site, jsfiddle, or posted here so we can see the behavior.

Ok, so your link is categorized as dangerous/fraud from where I'm sitting at the moment. If this is a hosting domain, it could be the reason why. It may be someone else's site (another subdomain) casuing this to be flagged.

the link doesnt come up on my mobile. I get a 502 Bad Gateway error..are you sure the subdomain "techandtechs" is correct? Maybe a problem with the provider at this moment in time?

Its ok to upload your relevant code here, if that will be easier for you. A link to the site online is good but not necessary. Its easier to work with the site online because we can use the browser's dev tools to check for errors and manipulate the document on the fly (client side).

hmm , i think i should find a new hoster, btw. i solved the problem it was the z-index that did it. Anyway thanks for the always quick replys.

hmm , i think i should find a new hoster

it doesnt mean that your site is comprimised or will be by another site on the hosting provider. Some of these desktop URL filtering components may flag certain sites based on URL, or domain name. If this is a free shared hosting, its probably why. There may be quite a bit of sites hosted that arent doing the right thing out there.

oh well, Ok thanks for the update. I figured the z-index property was a possible solution but it helps to look prior to making assumptions.

glad you solved the problem.